The forces at play

Full Moon in Scorpio - Intimacy


The Sun in Taurus lights up the moon in Scorpio tonight/this morning across the 180 degree angle known as the bridge of security. As the light is shining in the direction of Scorpio, this moon energy has a lot to do with our experience of and limitations around intimacy.

Scorpionic energy in its lower incarnation has a lot to do with privacy, secrecy, control, manipulation. We've all partaken and we all know first hand that all of these hold us back in our intimate relationships (I mean the deep ones, be they with family, friends or lovers).

They build little walls that ensure we never have to do the big reveal of our totality. Let's be honest, most of us do this to ourselves on a daily basis, this is one of the primary roles of the ego - to self-protect at all costs.

If we cannot be intimate with ourselves, how could we ever expose our entirety, shadows included, to another? If you have ever eye-gazed with a friend or lover then you'll know what I mean about the walls - its those self-conscious feelings that rise up where we momentarily feel embarrassed or stupid and uncomfortably aware of ourselves.

An example. I spent Sunday examining my own blocks to intimacy in my relationship using a number of writing exercises. It all came back to how I feel about myself; hyper-conscious of feeling unattractive and of my body going through the ageing process. I realised that I often try and control how I present myself to my partner - I want him to view me a certain way. A way that I clearly don't always feel about my self. Naturally, this discrepancy doesn't assist in my ability to be wholly transparent and intimate with him because I'm trying to hide parts of myself.

Why am I telling you this? Because this self exploration is an example of Scorpionic energy in action - its the investigator of our own psychology and its the transformer. Scorpio is full-disclosure, its ownership of the shadow. If we become conscious of our behavioural patterns, we can alter them. If we remain unconscious of them, we continue to feel the pain of their effects and maybe even project the cause of this pain/discomfort/lack of intimacy on to those we love.

Again, as ever, the more we are anchored in ourselves, the deeper we can go with another/with life. If anyone is feeling brave and self-exploratory, an incredible full moon experience with this energy would be to eye-gaze alone in a mirror for a full ten minutes. Be sure to throw in some smiles too. Its not easy Being and we have been raised in societies that don't foster self-acceptance and true intimacy, so its a brave act of freedom to go deep with your self and with others. Happy full moon.