The forces at play

New Moon in Gemini - Asking the Big Questions

Thursday May 25th 2017 - 19:44 (GMT)

My teacher called Gemini the cosmic photocopier, where it falls in our chart shows us how we receive and express information. Gemini energy is mutable air and ruled by Mercury making its flavour highly adaptive, quick witted and curious - the mind works fast here.

Combining this with the new moon energy, we have the opportunity to amp up our questions; are we asking them? Are we asking the big ones? Mercury is fast and androgynous energy making it neutral and allowing for a level of objectivity in our inquiries. It also gives us the scope to really pan out and get a wide-angle view on whatever is coming up for us at the moment. This is such a helpful combo and ally if we are using this time to look at what we wish to create and magnetise to us in this new moon cycle. Getting curious will really widen our perspective and the parameters through which we receive 'information'.

Aside from this, its worth mentioning that energetically speaking, its been pretty dense, heavy and thick since Saturday. This can in part be attributed to Mars who is currently racing through Gemini, brining with him lots of fire to this concentration of air (with Sun and Moon in Gemini). Meaning that communication may be rather heated and quick to flare up - not just in our own lives but also in the media (Gemini).

Mars is also currently opposite Saturn and this can be quite a tense combo which is how it seems to be playing out presently. Saturn can often feel oppressive and restrictive and here its restricting our will or spark in some way, we may be feeling as though we had just been on a roll of sorts but this has now abruptly ceased. Its definitely worth asking yourself if what you are feeling is your own stuff or something else entirely and as ever, amping up the nature time.