The forces at play

New Moon in Cancer - Widen the scope of what can be and so it will.

Saturday 24th June 2:30am (GMT) 3:30am (UK) 12:30pm (Sydney) 7:30pm (LA)

As we settle in to this new season, post-solstice, this new moon in Cancer offers us a time for reflecting upon the maps we have drawn that decide what reality can be for us. As is so often found in nature, the antidote is close by.

Sitting in alignment with the Sun and Moon is Mercury (mind/thoughts/communication) and Mars (the force of our will), meaning that, if you use this time and energy effectively to reflect and plan ahead, your mind and will shall be in alignment with your emotions (Moon) and life force (Sun) and assist you in etching new possibilities in to your life through mind and will power.

So what does Cancerian terrain feel like and what does it want from us?

As a cardinal sign in is an initiator and leader, however, its force is definitely the most subtle of the cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Capricorn). Its watery element suggests that where Cancerian energy leads is in the realm of emotions and out interior world. Represented by the Moon, Cancerian energy brings us in to focus with out emotional intelligence, our unconscious aspects/programming, family lineage and home.

What it is pushing us to evolve towards is emotional growth and developing, consciously, a wider spectrum of emotional experience. As we've been heading in to this new Moon energy, I've found myself reading and thinking about the way that as children, we model the world upon the one we experience at home (Cancer) and more often that not, limit what can be by defining reality as that which we have already seen possible in the lives around us.

This week I've made two little discoveries about my own unconscious labels/limits that stemmed from upbringing and both times had the strangest accompanying feeling of what felt like some kind of helmet lifting off of my head, as though I had energetically broken through a restriction that I had innocently placed there in the first place. The feeling of possibility that came after was a tangible and very awesome one. Like being unbound, loose and limitless.

I say this because you may find that themes of lineage and early childhood crop up throughout this month of Cancer. I think Cancerian energy wants us to become conscious of the reality-maps we have been drawing since day one and she is pushing us to re-draw them, making the terrain of what is and what can be in our lives ever more immeasurable. The scope of what we can bring in to our reality is dependent upon the scope of what we deem possible in the first place.

Cancer is often seen as the crab, moody and eager to hide behind its thick shell/parameters when it feels antagonised or unsafe. The shell is also the crab's home and it needs it for its own survival. I'm not suggesting you discard your home, I'm suggesting you look at the original drawings you sketched for it so you can decide if this is truly in alignment with what you want and if not, then know you can re-design at any point.


New MoonJules Ferrari