The forces at play

Full Moon in Sagittarius - Information to Dogma

This full moon highlights the relationship we have between our thinking, how we give and receive information, the media and technologies (Mercury - Gemini's ruler) and how this both becomes and facilitates our beliefs, our higher understandings and our dogmas (Jupiter - Sagittarius' ruler).

I know that the majority of people reading this are already self aware and hip to observing their own thought processes. We've all had our dark night(s) of the soul and come out of it lighter, freer and with a wider perspective on things.

We have all experienced the fascinating absurdity of how much sway the mass media and social media (Mercury) have over our emotions and thus minds (Mercury). One need only search 'Cambridge Analytica Guardian' to see just how sophisticated and terrifying this machine has become - utilising military tactics of psychological warfare, specifically targeting neurotic people on social media and then swamping them with 'alarming' imagery to manipulate their views/beliefs (Jupiter). This is Mercury and Jupiter gone awry. Yes, at the end of the day this is energy, energy living out different expressions. Yet these two greats (Mercury and Jupiter) have so much more to offer us than swamping our subconscious with multi-layered imagery/programming that is so cleverly cultivated that they work like modern-day dystopian Yantras.

Why am I talking about all of this and what does it have to do with the full moon? Well, the light (Sun) of our mind (Mercury) is shining on the connection between emotions (Moon) and beliefs (Jupiter). What do you believe and why do you believe it? How much do you allow your emotional responses (to the thousands of images you see each day) to inform your ideas and beliefs? Never have we had to be so clear and clean in mind and emotion, to objectively observe the data we take in and the data we put out. We too are engineers in perspective, in curating the visual gallery of our own lives.

Our intuition (also the Moon) is always in dialogue with us, yet sometimes its hard to hear amongst the information overload (Mercury) we take part in daily, even if its just scrolling through your Instagram feed. Images trigger us in to comparisons which make us feel less than. Or images trigger us in to judgements (Sagittarius) of superiority or images bring us a sense of kinship and familiarity or inspiration. Our mind is a processor and it is forever judging and compartmentalising. Whether we swim along with it is a matter of discipline and self-awareness. The more we analyse how the information (Gemini) we take in affects our ideas and beliefs (Sag) the better. Its still vital for all of us to question everything (Gemini) and at the same time, to continue to nurture our relationship with our intuition. Happy New Moon :) x