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The significance of your Saturn Return

Saturn deals with foundations, structure, our spines and the mastery of things over time.

Saturn deals with foundations, structure, our spines and the mastery of things over time.

I've read quite a few charts recently for people both entering or in the thick of, their Saturn Return. In general, it seems to be a thing that is feared and little understood (like Mercury Retrograde - but more on that before the next one pops around on 13th August) and I want to illuminate on its purpose.

Saturn takes 29 years to rotate around the Sun, as such, from the time you are born it takes 29 years for Saturn to return to the position it was in on your birth day. This marks your first Saturn return, however, once can feel the influence of Saturn from 27 as it moves towards the conjunction and in to our early 30s while still within ten degrees of our natal Saturn. Our second return happens at 58 and marks our re-birth as the Crone, the wise one.

Named after a Roman god of agriculture, his symbol is that of a scythe, used in tending the land. Herein lies a large chunk of what your Saturn Return will be about; have you been tending to your own land/self? What seeds have you been planting and how are they growing? What weeds have you been planting and how are they polluting your growth? Saturn both asks these questions of us and insists (through situations in our life) that we prune those weeds and build a strong foundation so that our seeds can grow and flourish in a strong garden, it might even ask you to build a fence around your garden if you've not yet learnt the importance of boundaries.

Saturn is all about the mastery of things over time. A lot of times, in the West we are keen on learning the hack, on finding the short cut. For a time in my life I was learning music from a teacher in West Bengal, India. He laughed when I told him that I played and toured in bands. He laughed because he said that in India, it takes 40 years to master an instrument, whereas in the West we learn a few chords and we start a band. Saturn, (which incidentally is the ruler of India) teaches us about time, it teaches us to play the long game. In our 20s we don't see much further than the end of the working week. As we cross the threshold in to this next level of our maturity, we begin to see and feel that we may be here for many decades to come, that time can be utilised to our benefit, rather than something we simply race through.  

Our Saturn Return is a time to level up, to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions. It is a time when we are guided (sometimes gently and sometimes through intensities) to learn to trust ourselves. To know you have your own back is one of the most important realisations that we gain through time and experience.

While one Saturn return will not look like another's (due to our individual charts, one will have their Saturn Return in any of the 12 houses or signs or in relation to other planets that they touch in angles), there are concurrent themes. These include taking responsibility and ownership of oneself, learning to trust our selves, cutting out all of the influences that no longer serve our growth and starting to understand the (hopefully) great ocean of time that lay before us and using it to our advantage. Saturn is planning, goals, building structure and foundations around our dreams so that we can bring them in to the world.

It may seem daunting and it may feel like obstacles appearing along our path out of nowhere, like restrictions placed on our being. This too is Saturn.  You can absolutely work in tandem with Saturnian energy during this period, resist it and it absolutely shall persist until you can ignore it no more. If we do not listen to the gentle signs that start to appear at first, then it will trip us up and make us face-plant directly on to the hole(s) in the foundation of our being. This way there we can no longer ignore the structural faults, we now see them clearly.

Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst are great companions during your Saturn Return.

Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst are great companions during your Saturn Return.

How to work with Saturn? Saturn rules Saturday and in the Vedic tradition, this is a day to wear dark blues. If you are going through your Saturn Return and finding it difficult to navigate, wear this colour. Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst also represent Saturn, wear them or keep one in your pocket. Meditate on an image of Saturn and ask what it is trying to show you. Write at the top of a piece of paper, what does Saturn want of me? Clear your mind and start writing, see what comes up for you. If you have access to gong baths, attend one where the teacher will be using one of the Saturn gongs.

If you wish to learn about how, when and where (house and sign) your Saturn Return will take place, book a session and we can investigate.