The forces at play

Full Moon in Capricorn - The Guard is Changing

Sunday 9th July 04:06 (GMT) 05:06 (UK) 15:06 (Sydney) Saturday 8th July 21:06 (LA)

This is a very provocative full moon, not only is it intuitive insight (Cancer Sun) shining down on our emotional structure and foundations (Capricorn Moon), its amped up significantly with Sun conjunct Mars and Moon conjunct Pluto.

Any time these two (Mars and Pluto) come in to a strong angle, shit is going to get intense. This immediately makes me think of the G20 Summit currently going on and the tension and violence taking place in Hamburg as a result.  

Pluto in Capricorn is very much about a transformation in our power structure, it is a rebirth of foundation. Being conjunct the moon it makes me think of the power struggles and power plays that are taking place behind the scenes at the Summit, it is incredibly private. However, this is a full moon and as such, what has been behind closed doors is now exposed for all to see.  Pluto is also the investigator and with the full light of the Sun shining down on it, this will be a period of expose', whether that is of your own secrets/needs or the secrets of our politicians.

This full Moon demands transparency. With the Sun conjunct Mars in Cancer, we have the will to fight for what we feel to be intuitively true. It gives us the tenacity to bring to life what we have kept hidden in ourselves or what we feel those close to us have been hiding. This also represents the hundred thousand or so protesters who have taken to the streets outside the summit, the opposing energy of Pluto to Mars is being felt through the violent clash; those in power are letting their force be felt.

This is secret love affairs coming to light, violence, passion, break-ups, sex, power struggles erupting, people taking to the streets and being beaten for it, leaks to the press.

Or, if you're a sovereign being gliding through time and space, then this is a weekend that offers so much personal power that you can make incredible headway in whichever direction you choose. Your intuition and insight are very strong but ensure that you do something physical this weekend, these are strong forces and they do need to be expressed through your body otherwise they may erupt as argument or strong anger towards the self.