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New Moon in Leo + Solar Eclipse - Step in to You

Monday 21st August 18:30 (GMT), 19:30 (UK), 11:30am (LA) Tuesday 22nd August 4:30am (SYD)

New Moon in Leo chart

New Moon in Leo chart

This New Moon and Solar Eclipse marks a very powerful opportunity to open a new door of potentialities and to step in to a clearer vision of You. Through conscious awareness and curiosity we can maximise this astrological + astronomical event.

More than likely, you are probably already feeling the build up...perhaps you are becoming uncomfortably aware of the people, situations or internal schisms that are blocking your full solar power and force. We must express the urges of our Sun sign, when we are not following our calling we are swimming against the current of our own life force.

Nature is trying to show you how and where you need to get out of your own way.

Being in Leo, this New Moon echoes the New Moon in Leo from twenty eight days ago; it is about stepping in to our most radiant selves, embracing and living in to our radiant bodies and it is about daring to be seen. It is moving from the safety of the group (Aquarius) and in to the spotlight (Leo). To do this we embrace the higher traits of Leo, confidence especially. More about this here.

The moon, also here in Leo, brings with it our more unconscious and subconscious baggage and during this eclipse, it moves directly between Us and the Sun/our solar potential...we cannot escape viewing this baggage, it is physically now in our way, in our direct and conscious vision.

This revelation, while it may be uncomfortable to see in ourselves, it is a gift, and an actionable one for we are only stagnant if we believe ourselves to be. Being in a grand fire trine, this is again a very action-orientated day and you will benefit from being physical in some way.

This entire eclipse/new moon is conjunct our galactic centre...this in itself is very benefic and auspicious...an occurrence that happens every 25,000 years. Take the time to spend at least five minutes calming your mind and feeling the energies, possibilities and potentialities that will be on offer. Each planetary body is radiating its own signal of frequencies...become the antenna and tune in to the Sun, Moon and centre of our galaxy and listen in to what they have to show you.

If you wish to gain a new depth of insight in to your own natal chart then let's investigate what your map is wanting from you over a session here.