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Mercury Retrograde 12th August - 5th September 2017

Mercury begins its journey backwards here on the 12th of August 2017

Mercury begins its journey backwards here on the 12th of August 2017

Androgynous, quick witted Mercury is on a three week retrograde journey back through the signs of Virgo from August 12 through 31 then Leo until it turns direct again on September 5th. While the backwards motion that the planet is taking is an optical illusion, the effects of this motion are 100% real. Mercury is a trickster and throughout many cultures, trickster deities are present. While their influence may be disruptive, their drive is to kick-start an event/opportunity/experience in to being. My personal favourite is the Hindu deity Narada Muni who travels around the universe's at lightning speed, bringing stories, music and a little bit of trouble with him. He is happy to whisper in the ear of a demon and let them know the whereabouts of a god, while also whispering in the ear of the same god as to the plans of said demon. Herein he creates an event that was bound to happen (the meeting of the two entities) but he has accelerated the meeting, he has created and influenced an event.

So how does this relate to the Mercurial influence of the next three weeks? Well, Mercury is a messenger and he deals with communication, communication devices and travel. While his influence is reversed, we need to be extra careful and diligent as the trickster is out to play. Our technology may die or we lose files, people become more prone to arguments due to misunderstandings and wires being crossed, communication appears to go missing; emails you sent never arrive or vice versa, travel you have planned may be cancelled or delayed.In traditional astrology, it is advised that contracts are not signed during this period and if they must be, then get several extra eyes to oversee what it is you are about to sign. Old lovers and friends often reach out at this time, seemingly out of nowhere.

While its definitely of benefit to be conscious of the above possibilities, its worth looking deeper at the two signs that Mercury is moving through so we can best utilise this influence. A retrograde can be seen as a time to hold our energy within, its a time of reviewing and planning rather than making a move. Virgo is the Earth element and is the Earth version of Mercury, it doesn't move as fast here as it does in Gemini but it is still very analytical. Virgo energy LOVES writing lists. It is also very health conscious; nutrition and physical movement are natural expressions of this sign. If, however, the analytical energy is not being used constructively (to make to-do lists etc) then that energy can very quickly turn in to analysis paralysis and very uncomfortable levels of perfectionism directed at the self which can really make a person feel stuck. A positive way to utilise this force would be to do exactly what Virgo likes to do through the prism of re-flection and re-viewing that come naturally during a retrograde; analyse your physical health and fitness, are you due for a full run of blood tests? Would you benefit from the advice of a nutritionist? Is your diet serving you? Is your physical exercise or lack of serving you? Write out all the lists that you need to...the list of who you are and what you are doing in 15 years, the list of what you are grateful for, the list of what you want to achieve in this lifetime, whatever it is - list it. This is a time that you can gain real clarity on your physical self.

The five days of review in Leo is a brilliant time to reflect on where it is you want to shine. Leo is very much about taking the lead and developing the courage and self confidence to step out in to the spotlight. Where are you holding yourself back from doing this and what can you do to envelop yourself in the confidence of the lion? You do know these answers. Free-form writing (Mercury is the writer) will really allow you to explore and answer your own questions.

If you wish to gain clarity on the sign and house that your Mercury resides in your own chart, I am more than happy to explain all of this and a lot, lot more during a natal chart session.