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Astrology + Integration

I've been reading lecture transcripts from two of my favourite Jungian analysts, depth psychologists and pscyhological astrologers, Liz Greene + Howard Sasportas and its making me think alot about the shadow self.

There are two things that keep a person from living their wholly integrated and authentic state, both of which spring from the socialisation process we all undergo:

1. We disown or dissociate aspects of our own personality so as to fit in to our family or social structure.

2. We develop behavioral patterns as a form of coping mechanism or shield to fit in to our family or social structure.

Jungian theory asserts that the personality (in its true and natural form) is always looking to become integrated once more.

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The Shadow is a living part of the personality and therefore wants to live with it in some form.

- Carl Jung

Image: John Baldessari

It does this through attracting in triggers - in the form of repeated patterns, events or personality types until the individual becomes consciously aware of the original wound that either split off a section of the personality or from which birthed a new behavioral pattern / coping mechanism.

A person's natal chart discloses a lot of this information and a person's shadow self comes up a lot in readings. Most often it shows up in planetary oppositions within the chart. If not owned, the individual tends to identify strongly with one planet, sign and house and not inhabit the opposing planet, sign and house at all.  Often, this person will draw in the opposing planet and or sign in the form of a person (friend or lover) repeatedly, until the aspect is re-integrated. Once it has been, this type of person/archetype no longer shows up in their world.


Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual's conscious life, the blacker and denser it is.

- Carl Jung

Often, a lot of these triggers erupt at full force during our Saturn Return(s) - a period in which an individual is encouraged to level-up and evaluate their own foundation as a person.

Because none of us go through life unscathed, one tool I would recommend to anyone beginning this process is to write out any recurring patterns, triggers or archetypes that you keep attracting in to your life...anything where you appear to be the common denominator. If you are able to identify an archetype or pattern that keeps repeating, follow the trail, ask your self why this is turning up - what does it want to show you?

A way to suss out where you might be on the integration scale is to answer this, are you a participant in life or is life happening to you? If you feel like a victim of life's circumstances, then chances are your shadow aspect is well out of conscious sight. If you feel as though you are a participant in life and responsible for your reality, you're in the process of integrating.

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