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Full Moon in Aries - Self-actualisation as the Way of the Warrior

The Full Moon in Aries will go direct on Tuesday 25th September at 12:52pm (Sydney, Australia) and 03:52am (UK)

I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you’re not in this world to live up to mine.

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee is my mascot for this Full Moon. I feel like he and his teacher Yip Man and even the two older protagonists in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon really encapsulate and embody self-actualisation as the way of the warrior. Each of them have:

Agility of mind, body and spirit

Internal freedom and sovereignty

Bravery to be True You

Grace in movement aka mastery over their energy

And a strong inner code of conduct.

These traits may just help you through the Aries Full Moon. Here is my interpretation of it:

Through the solar prism of harmony (Sun in Libra) we get to view the shadow side of the drives and needs of our identity (Aries Moon).

The opposition of Aries and Libra is called the axis of identity; who you are as a sovereign being VS who you are around other people.

Libran energy strives to build and maintain peace and balance, meaning that sometimes we may repress our needs or hold our tongue so as to keep the status quo in relationship with others.

The chart for this Aries Moon brings in another element though, so it isn’t solely about relations with others. With the north node in Leo this is also a lot to do with our process of individuation – the life-long journey of conscious unfoldment, releasing all the layers of not-self and expectation (yours and others) so as to beam out your own unique signal in a way that is both strong (Aries) and at peace (Libra).

Therefore, this Moon may show up as anger or frustration around all the ways you are holding back your will (Aries) and singular identity due to structures of belief you are holding on to around who you think you can be out in the world.

If you are feeling emotional pressure building up, this Aries Moon is the release valve that your emotional body has been looking for. If you find yourself burning up with aggro or resentment now, get it out of your system. This is an action-oriented sign so it wont be satiated until it has a physical release; whether that is through writing out your frustrations on paper and burning it or beating up a punching bag; release it, sweat it out of your body. Once the energy is cleared it will be much easier to look at how to integrate what is coming up for you.

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Jules Ferrari