The forces at play

Full Moon in Aquarius - Who am I in the Collective?

The Full Moon will be exact on Saturday 28th July at 6:21am (Sydney)

Leo (Yang/Fixed/Fire) is a celebration of the individual, its creative energy that wants to self-express, it wants to shine and celebrate the self. Aquarian (Yang/Fixed/Air) energy is tapped into the cerebral super-highway of the collective, its the aether. This is big-picture thinking that looks to evolve through joining forces with like-minds.


One is a soloist, the other is a choir and each of us is both; who we are as an individual effects the collective.

With the spotlight of the Sun (consciousness) in Leo shining directly on to the Moon (unconscious) in Aquarius, the more shadowy aspects of the Moon sign are highlighted. When Aquarian energy is out of whack, its the feeling of one too many coffees, its feeling wired, anxious, neurotic, spaced-out. Its excess info and electricity swimming around in your field with no place to go. If you are feeling like this then send it on its way, Earth it.

This is a period of fine-tuning your own voice and asking yourself if the groups you belong to are in harmony with your highest visions. If all energy is frequency and vibration, what's yours? Are you plugged in to channels (social media/social groups/organisations you belong to) that are pulling you away from your self or channels that are in tune?

With both the mind (Mercury) and will (Mars) in retrograde, this is an ideal time to review, clean and re-direct (if needed) your direction (Mars) and where your focus (Mercury) is.

Aquarian energy is working to evolve the collective. The future is now. The future is you. Its dictated by how you talk to yourself and feel about yourself when no-one else is present, its how you deal with strangers in the street or your best friends and family, its the things that you buy, its the industries that you support, its the media and entertainment that you allow to enter in to your field, its the trash that you pick up that isn't 'yours'.

If you are in Sydney, I highly recommend getting out early on Saturday morning to physically witness the eclipse. You will need a good view of the Western horizon as this will be taking place from 5:30 - 6:21am just as the Moon is starting to set and the Sun is starting to rise in the East.