The forces at play

Full Moon in Cancer + Solstice Portal

Today is auspicious. With the Full Moon in Cancer and a Solstice in the same twenty four hour period, we can release all of the stagnant emotion that lingers from the events of our year to this watery maternal Moon and then stand fixed with Sol (Solstice = Sun standing still) and ask for his radiance to permeate our field and activate our own solar core so that we too can radiate our own unique flavour out in to the world and the new year ahead.

The Solstice portal is open and regardless of your hemisphere, today we experience the fullness of light or the fullness of dark and yet Earth as a whole experiences both extremes in perfect balance - as she always does - a conduit of the balanced interplay between light and dark. It is us, tied in to our particular geographic location that has the relative experience of one over the other, yet from a broader perspective, the two are always in harmonic union.


We too are conduits in the interplay between our own light and dark and both are equally important.

Image: Jenny Holzer

To try and live in the light only and ignore your darkness is missing the point and missing a multitude of growth opportunities, to live in your shadows and pain and reject the transformative powers of your own inner light also misses the point and both options are weak. We are all fallible and we are all beautiful, simultaneously.

Stand in the light today and stand in the darkness today, both are your teachers. The more you can dance between the two and embrace the expanse of life, the more you can release and transform and become more of who you are. The more you dive in to your own depths AND in to your own radiance, the greater your emotional spectrum becomes, the greater your self knowledge becomes, the greater your fearlessness becomes.

Move and clear what needs to go today and also feel your own light source today, let it fill up your core. This is an auspicious day of filtering the waters/emotions in your own cup and then drinking in your own frequency.

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Jules Ferrari