The forces at play

Full Moon in Pisces - Being held in the amniotic fluid of the cosmic womb

The Full Moon in Pisces will be exact on Sunday 26th August at 9:56pm (SYD), 6:56am (UK)


Pisces energy is everything beyond time and space, its the amniotic fluid of the cosmic womb; far-reaching, connected and without boundaries. With the Moon lit up in front of this constellation, you may find you're feeling real dreamy and spaced-out. Here our psychic antenna is wide open to receive intuitions, dreams and emotional-knowings that exist outside of logic. We can either enjoy the cosmic valium and drift off or we can utilise the Sun's energy in Virgo and get in our body so as to pick up all the insights and downloads and ground them in to the conscious mind.

This opposition between Pisces and Virgo is like an axis between Heaven and Earth. Pisces being the Heavens and Virgo being the Earthly plane; our body is the bridge between the two - the soul (Pisces) encased in the physical (Virgo). When Pisces energy is off-kilter in a person, we get spiritual bypassing, living in our daydreams and anything that takes us out of our bodies. The way to re-balance that energy is through the positives of body conscious Virgo (this sign has a lot to do with our health and nutrition).

Anchor in today with a grounding meal, feel yourself in your body; it is the umbilical chord tethering you to Earth as you move amongst the higher planes of consciousness and insight of the cosmic womb.