The forces at play

Full Moon in Taurus - Anchor in

Exact at 3:45am Thursday 25th October (SYD), 5:45pm Thursday 25th October (UK)

True to Scorpionic form, we entered the sign only yesterday and already we’re thrust in to her deep work with the spotlight of consciousness (Sun) beaming across 180 degrees to illuminate any shadows lurking in our own Taurean nature (Moon).

While this is transpersonal energy, it’s worth remembering that we receive it individually, pertaining to the make-up of our own astrological DNA; our natal charts. Each of us has all of the signs and planets within our chart in energetic configurations that are entirely unique.

We are complex tapestries and each circumambulation through the zodiac lights up particular parts of our chart/being.

The opposition of Scorpio and Taurus is called the bridge of security, meaning that the more anchored one is to their own worth and to the material plane (Taurus), the more one can face their fears and shadows and walk through the fires of transformation (Scorpio) in intimacy and the sometime chaos of life. Easier said than done, right?

When Taurean energy doesn’t feel secure, it controls through possession. Buying more, eating more, emotionally possessing those that we love…what should be a stabilising anchor in to Self becomes more like an emotional hook in to others and the material world. If you are feeling a void within, utilise the strength of Sun in Scorpio and investigate the void down to its roots. Don’t try and fill it in with fleeting sensory pleasures, activate your senses (Taurus) and nurture (Moon) the parts of you that feel insecure.

With the strong connection to the nodal axis, this Moon is throwing us a challenge. All of the relationship and value based themes that have been in the air for the past month (particularly with Libra season and Venus retrograde) can now be viewed with clear sight rather than any big emotionality (Uranus conjunct Moon bringing a strong cerebral dose of being able to read and analyse our own patterns). Where are you not stepping in to your worth and value? Are emotional boundaries being crossed? Is your work/service matching your financial remuneration or are you shying away from standing behind your value? Are you anchoring in to the Earth or are you still floating along, hoping that your anchor will come to you externally? It won’t. The nodal axis is bringing in a wave of individuation…the more you build and nurture your own value, the more you aid your own journey of self-discovery and sovereignty. Yes we are part of a collective of beings but that network works best when we know and love who we are as individual entities. And this is the bridge of security; the more independent you are in your worth and value, the more you have to give and the more open you are to receive.

Jules Ferrari