The forces at play

Full Moon in Virgo - The axis of selflessness

The Full Moon will be exact on Friday 2nd March at 12:51am GMT.

Writing a list in a bath = Virgo + Pisces meeting ground.

Writing a list in a bath = Virgo + Pisces meeting ground.

Virgo energy is mutable and is the Earth version of Mercury. It seeks perfection and purity of the self/environment and utilises routines and order (and list-making) to get there; Virgo energy needs to feel of use/service otherwise, its great analytical capabilities turn inward and analysis paralysis is born. With a strong interest in the body and its health and nutrition, we can imagine Virgo AS the body - the body as a tool.

Its opposite sign, Pisces, is mutable water and ruled by Neptune. The chart for tonight's Full Moon is heavily weighted in Pisces with the Sun conjunct Neptune as well as Mercury, Venus and Chiron all swimming in the boundary-less waters of this realm. What does this mean? Well, depending on your own mental and emotional health, your psychic antennae is transmitting loud and clear through dreams, visions, feelings or knowing-ness or your head first into some delusions about the self or drowning everything out with some form of escapism.

If Virgo is the body/tool, Pisces is the antennae that picks up and transmits (in its highest form) the frequencies of the collective unconscious and beyond that, it is our line back to Original Home. Their opposition (which creates the Full Moon) is known as the axis of selflessness and there is a need to push beyond the ego here, to see and participate in and service a higher agenda.

Each full moon illuminates an aspect of self that comes up for review. With so much energy in Pisces projecting on to Virgo, there is a chance here to look at how we are serving something higher. This Moon asks us to get out of one's own world and serve. To use our body and antennae for something higher than self-service alone. The first thing that comes to my mind is the many scientific experiments taking place (an example being the work of The Intention Experiment) that show when a person concentrates on a stimuli on the opposite side of the world (a plant for example) the stimuli is altered in some way. Whether this plays out as a bath meditation (perfect for all that Piscean energy) where we focus on loving kindness or some-such, the emphasis is on serving the collective. Happy Full Moon.