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New Moon in Aquarius - Ground the lightning

The New Moon in Aquarius will be exact on Thursday 15th February 2018 at 21:05 GMT


Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

Aquarian energy in its highest form is lightning quick, innovative and entirely free-spirited. It holds the seeds to the future and plants them in our minds as visions and ideas; whether we take note of them or not is up to us - the state of our minds (be they cluttered or clear) is a result of our own free will and choices. The highest and lowest forms of emotion, energy, action and ideas are always available to us. We self-determine our own reality and the more sovereign we are, the more conscious we become in shaping our own state of mind and thus the filters through which we communicate with the world(s) around us.

As Aquarian energy is cerebral, high speed and high frequency we encounter its energy through our mind. If we are not embodied it will play out as waves of feeling neurotic or anxious. The more grounded we are, the more of this high speed information we can actually hold and then experience in the form of visions/ideas.

A New Moon is a period in which we enter a magnetic void - with no light upon her, the Moon is in a potent state of rebirth. Traditionally, this is when we sow seeds in our garden - both physically and figuratively. These seeds germinate in the dark and develop as the Moon waxes over her two week growth period in to her Full Moon state.

With the Sun, Moon and Mercury all in Aquarius, elevated states of perception, visions and ideas are coming thick and fast. If you are looking for answers, inspiration or entirely new ways of looking at aspects of your life (be it business, love, creativity etc), then this is a very potent time to ground, clear your mind, ask your questions and pay attention to what presents itself over the next two weeks in your field.