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New Moon + partial solar eclipse in Cancer - Fill up yer cup.

Friday, July 13th at 12:47pm (Sydney time) 3:47am (GMT), we head in to the first of three eclipses with a partial solar eclipse and New Moon in Cancer. Opposite this conjunction of the Sun and Moon will be Pluto - the transformer - hanging out in Capricorn.

The sign of Cancer watches over the terrain of feelings, our emotional and internal home; the one in which we create our own personal narrative(s). The crab is its own home and is fitted out in its own protective armour. Here within the talisman we see the Cancerian objective - to find emotional security and safety.

With both our Sun (consciousness/individual identity/ego self) and Moon (emotional/habitual/instinctive self) blended in harmony here in Cancer - energetically magnified by the partial solar eclipse - this is a highly reflective time in which we can feel in to the roots of our emotional self and gain clarity on our own self-created interior landscapes.

Are you conscious of your protective shell? How often are you open and vulnerable as opposed to being in a reactive state? If you were to experience a slight hurt from a loved one, would you communicate the hurt to them in an unguarded state or would you default to a protective layer of anger and communicate through that emotion instead? Much like the crab, the majority of us react with our shields up - this is both an emotional (Moon) and ego/identity (Sun) defence mechanism that we inhabit in the times when we feel exposed, unsafe or insecure. To be clear, there are times when you absolutely need your armour, here I am referring more to perceived threats rather than actual ones. Psychologists refer to this as primary and secondary emotions; we feel the primary (e.g. hurt) and then cover it over with the secondary emotion (e.g. anger), to the extent that we ourselves are no longer aware of the primary, unless we go digging for it.

With all of the influences and aspects present in this New Moon, this is a period in which we can really delve into our emotional body - utilising the regenerative and investigative force of opposing Pluto to get to the root of our internal narratives, casting the unconscious, default aspects into the Plutonian fires of transmutation. Can you imagine how different the collective experience would be if our protective layering was no longer necessary?

This entire eclipse 'season', starting today and ending with the New Moon in Leo on August 11th, is not a particularly active or social time, this is a period to withdraw back into ourselves and into our homes, to step inwards and give ourselves the time and space to self-nurture. Cancer is a water sign, ruled by the Moon and feminine in energy.

Bikis Ceramics.jpg

Feminine energy is receptive, it is the cup, the womb. We as individuals need to fill our own cups through nurturing the self, through rest and genuine relaxation before we can share the bounty of who we are. Otherwise, our source is empty and we switch from being embodied to being flighty, scattered and airy.

Image: Bikis Ceramics

Water signs can take any form which is their gift and their potential downfall; it is important to nurture our own essence and energy stores, otherwise we will adapt to the needs of the environment, in lieu of our own internal preferences.

Look to where you have the sign of Cancer in your natal chart, this will show you what aspects of self need the most nurturing during this New Moon period.


1. Emmie Rae is a wonderful writer and restorative yoga teacher, she will be holding a heart-opening restorative yoga workshop on July 22nd at Yoga Village which you can read more about here.

2. I refer the majority of my clients to the work of Lacy Phillips on Free + Native. Her Unblocked digital workshops are the perfect modern blend of neuroscience and psychology, designed to give you a whole new understanding of and relationship with yourself. Her Shadow workshop is so perfect for this eclipse period and Cancer season. Particularly with the opposition to Pluto which has so much to do with shadow work and the shadow self - this workshop brings you face to face with all the parts of yourself that you have discarded. Its intense but i highly, highly recommend it (all of her workshops for that matter).

3. This article on emotion-based therapy and primary and secondary emotions by clinical psychologist Dr. Lisa Firestone, is totally illuminating.


4. Plenty of this. Actively resting and restoring ourselves in nature. Or through being held in the water element - be that a bath, river or ocean.

Image via Pinterest.

5. Any king of morning pages practice, where upon waking, you flush out the mind and journal. Or any simple ritual, be it a cup of tea on your balcony...anything that gives you ten minutes of space to be with yourself BEFORE you pick up your phone and plug back in to the digital collective. 

6. Learn about your own natal chart and the transits that are heading your way by booking in for a reading with me. I am offering 25% off all readings booked on a Wednesday for the entirety of the eclipse season - be they in person at Orchard St or via Skype. Treat yourself, use the code 'ORCHARDST'.