The forces at play

New Moon in Sagittarius - Draw back your bow and take aim

New Moon in Sagittarius will be direct on Friday 7th December at 6:20pm (SYD - AEST), 7:20am (UK)

A 2nd Century bindu - an energetic endpoint and startpoint

A 2nd Century bindu - an energetic endpoint and startpoint

Sagittarian energy, in its highest emanation, represents the wisdom that we have gleaned from our own lived experience, it is the belief and meaning that we have applied to existence; the holy grail that we ourselves have carved from diving in to life’s variance time and time again.

When shooting a bow and arrow there are a number of factors in play. First, you draw back the bow and arrow and its hard, there’s tension involved - it takes strength to understand and establish the boundaries of your own person - the further you can pull back in to yourself and your own strength, the further afield your arrow will go.

Then you take aim. Your sight needs to be in harmony with your arrow - the inner and outer worlds need to be in communion and focused on the same end point. With your vision, your inner strength and self-knowledge lined up, you call on your faith and belief (in self, in spirit, in physics - whatever your trip is) and release the arrow in to the void with surety that liquid reality will line up to meet your vision, in the least in will line up to show you what you need to see and experience. None of that is easy. And yet, as each year roles around to this point in time, we are filled with the optimism of Jupiter and a clean slate and we look outwards and begin to vision where we may head in this next year.

What is the wisdom you have gathered this year and where are you aiming your arrow for the next? How vast is your perception of what you can do and be and call in to your life? How wide and wild and uncharted are the horizons and vistas you wish to set course for?

This is a clean slate of energy if you wish, but in order for that, we need to begin to review what’s been. There is a very powerful and supportive interplay between Mercury in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces today…one allows us to investigate the psyche and analyse the wounds that may still be circling us, asking for integration and the other energy allows for us to release any debris that is no longer serving. Conscious awareness of self and cosmic suturing and integration taking place in the emotional body.

There’s strong force today, drink it in.

Jules Ferrari