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New Moon in Virgo - Purify the Garden where your Dharma Grows

From the amazing garden of Charlie McCormick

From the amazing garden of Charlie McCormick

With the Sun and Moon aligned in Virgo, we enter a frequency where we desire to apply our skills and talents and be of use out in the world. Virgo and the 6th House can be translated as the garden where our Dharma grows (here i use the interpretation of Dharma as one's purpose/service).

Within this garden of the work/service we provide, our intentions are the seeds that we plant and it is our intentions that are reflected back to us in the bounty we create; the people we draw in to our lives, the opportunities that come our way, the energy we transmit through our work.

Virgo strives for purity of self and purity of purpose, edging us towards our highest good. With this New Moon it feels like an opportunity to sit down and observe the work we do (or want to do) and the intentions behind it - why am I doing the work that I am doing? What is the frequency/message I am sending out in to the world?

If we are not moving in the direction of our own North star then that analytical Earthbound Mercury flow (Virgo) will coagulate internally as analysis paralysis or feeling stuck and our desire for purity of self and self-improvement will shape shift in to its lower octave of striving for (unattainable) self-perfection and feeling distaste towards ourselves for not yet being there.

To have our own code of honour / code of conduct, to get to the root of our intentions...this is the fertile soil that we can grow our purpose upon.

Jules Ferrari