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Aries New Moon - Are you Ares or are you Mars?

Aries New Moon goes direct on Friday 5th April at 7:50pm Sydney, Australia.

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and represents our identity, its wants and needs and the healthy aggression that drives us to express our Self, to tackle new ventures/ideas and to take risks out in the material world.

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It is the fire in our bellies that works to ac on an idea or passion rather than sit on our hands and live in our minds.

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Rather than the new years period in Capricorn when we look long term over the year ahead and carve out intention and direction, the Aries New Moon calls us to look at what initiative and action we need to take to turn our goals and desires in to reality. Aries is at its best when in a challenge (to learn a new skill for example), this is when the warrior steps forward and goes in to overdrive to accomplish the task at hand.

What’s interesting with this New Moon is that the ruler, Mars, has just marched in to Gemini territory - the realm of ideas, curiosity and communication. The Roman God Mars was viewed as honourable, he was the propulsion that got things happening out in the world, whereas his Greek counterpart, Ares, was spiteful, blind with rage and at one point captured by two mortals and literally bottled up.

Do you express your Aries/Mars in the lower or higher octaves? Do you communicate your wants and needs and take action in your life to create the world you envision for yourself? Or do you bottle up the Aries fire, turning it in to anger rather than a healthy aggression that can be used as creative force to germinate the seeds you plant in your life?

This is a fortuitous period to sit down and get clear with yourself and really map out how you express (or don’t) this force in your life, is your force working to initiate the unfolding and development of your identity or are you covering up this force with distractions and then finding yourself filled with anger? We all have this energy in our natal charts (astrological make-up), its entirely down to your free will to determine how you utilise this energy within your own life. Happy New Moon x