The forces at play

Leo Full Moon - You do You



Tonight’s Full Moon is both spirited and dynamic. The Sun is in the higher cerebral waters of collective consciousness (Aquarius) while the Moon blooms in the opposite sign of creative self-expression and the individual (Leo).

This opposition is the axis of individuation and we all have it in our charts. Aquarian energy is transpersonal, its collective - the sum of many parts. Ideas, innovation and invention are born in this hyper-cerebral realm.

Leo energy is about the enjoyment that comes from being an individual and expressing the self as a confident and autonomous being – tapped in to these collective realms yet interpreting and expressing this information through the personal filter of You. These two energies become balanced as we become more and more consciously aware of how the collective energy (and there are many forms of collective energy, including familial, social etc.) influences our own individuality and self-expression.  

This Full Moon and Eclipse has the potential to bring up any shadow you may have around your creativity, self-expression and confidence. An example, you’re out dancing and you really wanna get loose in your movement but you become self-conscious about how you may be perceived by your friends and so you just do that boring hands-by-your-side-bop-along that they are doing. How stifling. The collective would be much healthier is we were all a lot freer with ourselves and allowed ourselves to be who we innately are, if we felt in accord with our own nature rather than trying to subvert our nature for what we have been told or shown is the ‘appropriate’ way.

My prescription for tonight is to dance it out (Leo is the sign of fun) in your room or under the Moon, wherever, and tap in to the true essence of you and how you express your Self. Other than than, any sort of physical activity that is around your creative self-expression. Self work and tapping in to you and loving who that person is does not have to be hard work, you can also get there by enjoying who you are and doing more of what makes you feel good.