The forces at play

Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn: April 30th - September 18th


Saturn is like the strict teacher you had in school who set defined parameters and limits within the classroom. While the environment may have sometimes felt restrictive, you always ended up learning a lot more from them than the teachers who had zero structure or control over the class.

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Saturn is the master of the third dimension, it rules the structural limits we encounter down here on Earth and it pushes for us to master our own foundations of reality over time. It can feel restrictive because it often works through uncomfortable lessons; it shows you any limits you may have that are getting in the way of your own self-actualisation. For example, you have many great ideas but you are currently lacking in the practical application to turn them in to a reality. Saturn is going to make you aware of that so that you can identify the gap and level up in your own skill set. Another example, you find that you are having trouble in keeping your word, maybe you keep flaking on your mates or you do things that you regret and yet keep doing them. Saturn is going to make you aware of any holes within your own internal authority, any holes in your own value structure, integrity or the strength of your character. Not because it wants to punish you but because it wants you to master these areas of your life. This energy works from the ground up, knowing that if the foundation of who you are is solid and true to you, then the life and projects and relationships that you build will be able to flourish.

Look to see where Saturn is in your natal chart and then where transiting Saturn is in your chart as both of these areas of life will be highlighted now. The retrograde magnifies this energy because it is bringing any foundational holes up for review. For me, I have a lot coming up around my own financial independence, autonomy and freedom and am being reminded of the areas in my life where I still live in total dreamland. This felt very restrictive and uncomfortable for a couple of days this week until I shifted my perception and viewed this as the gift that it is, im being shown where and how I can turn dreamland in to real life. This is a very Earthy, grounded energy that works to show us the logical and practical steps that we need to take in our lives so that we can create and move in to our next level of operating.