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First Impressions - John and Yoko

This week we look in to the synastry and composite charts of two greats and it is clear from the get-go that the magnetic pull between them both is there for all to see in their charts.

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First Impressions - Georgia O'Keeffe

A new series in which we unpack the natal and synastry charts of some of the great individuals and couples in modern history. First up, the triple Scorpio Georgia O’Keeffe.

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Uranus enters Taurus and the material plane is struck by the lightning of change.

Wherever the sign of Taurus falls in your natal chart, wherever it is that you try to secure yourself on the material plane, is about to feel the lightning force of the Great Awakener, Uranus.

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Mercury in retrograde December 2017 - Your perspective is a house and you build it every day.

As our mind works through our belief systems and meaning-structures that we have and are creating, we get to evaluate what is and isn't working for us anymore.

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Jupiter enters Scorpio and the shadow is exposed.

As the sky god enters the domain of the underworld, we are given a powerful ally in digging deep into our own and the collective shadow.

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