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Full Moon (Supermoon) in Gemini - Do your emotional responses become your facts?

The Full Moon is exact on Sunday 3rd December at 15:46 (GMT + UK), 10:46am (NY), 7:46am (LA), Monday 4th December at 2:46am (Sydney)

If Gemini was a beautiful twin pair of chairs, they would be 70s Henredon chairs, via Pinterest. 

If Gemini was a beautiful twin pair of chairs, they would be 70s Henredon chairs, via Pinterest. 

The opposition of Sagittarius and Gemini is often referred to as the axis of understanding. On one side sits the androgynous, mercurial and ever curious Gemini who represents how we receive and communicate information. As mutable air, Gemini energy rarely holds a position, rather, it gathers together the information, receives it and passes it on - it is the messenger and it is the mind; a processor. Its fiery and mutable opposite, Sagittarius, takes that information and holds it up to the light for questioning and turns it into meaning and belief. This axis NEEDS to understand; this is information/media/discussion turning into beliefs/philosophy.

In June, when this was flipped the other way and the Sun shone in Gemini down on the Sagittairus Full Moon (read here) we looked at the ways in which the information we received was engineering our perspective and in some cases, our dogma. 

Now the Sun's spotlight shines from Sagittarius down to the Full Moon in Gemini. With the Sun conjunct Venus, this spotlight is additionally filtered by our values. Do your values and your beliefs align? Are your beliefs purely cerebral or based purely on emotion? Are they curated points of view that you communicate widely yet perhaps don't live out in a practical and day to day sense? A crude example of this would be feeling upset that large groups of people/children still work in sweat-shop working conditions, vociferously admonishing that fact and yet continuing to buy items that were produced in and support those very same working conditions.

And moreso, this Full Moon asks us to look at what information our beliefs are based on.

As the Full Moon always reveals the more hidden and unconcious aspects of the sign its in, one could posit that a Gemini Full Moon represents the aspects of self that make judgements (Sagittarius), 'facts' (Gemini) and values (Venus in Sag) based purely off of emotion. We are constantly inundated with information and vast swathes of this (in social and mass media) is consciously designed to tell a particular story and trigger certain emotional responses in us. In Vedic philosophy, when information enters the mind (through the senses), it is filtered through the following order: senses - emotion (ego) - memory (ego) - intelligence. If the data makes it to the realm of intelligence (the higher mind that Sagittarius represents) then it will be viewed within a much wider context and perspective. However, most of the visual data that we take in during the day (thousands and thousands of images per day) is designed to get a knee-jerk response from our ego self; we see an aquaintance looking beautiful on Instagram and instantly our ego kicks in and reminds us of an aspect of that person we dont like and we write them off - case closed. If it reaches our higher mind (the prefontal cortex), we might appreciate their beuaty and note that they look happy and perhaps this makes us feel good too. 

My point is, this Full Moon has a lot to do with exposing the areas in our cognitive behaviour that are knee-jerk reactions, it wants for us to see the blocks between our lower and higher minds. There is so much scientific research now to show us how maleable our brain is; we can create new neural pathways at any point, our mind is not fixed, its true nature is maleable. Our emotional selves are different from our instinctual selves and the high side of a Gemini Moon is a very strong instinct that is anchored in the higher mind (prefrontal cortex), not the reptillian mind (the neocortex). 

Its definitely worth mentioning that this Full Moon almost has a metallic, anxious feel about it (if we arent firmly planted on the ground)...the feeling of one coffee too many when your body feels weirdly static yet empty and you cant quite catch your thoughts. Mercury also goes retrograde today (through Sagittarius - more on that later in the week) so there is a lot of this very fast, very airy, cerebral influence about and its kind of antithettical to heart-centred, intuitive emotion. Being a Supermoon, the Moon appears much closer to Earth and as such, the effects feel more intense. Gemini Moon needs to ground, a perfect expression of which is journalling as its turning thought in to physical form and allows the brain to clear out. If you are feeling extra tired/wired this week, id definitely recommend a good bath soak and some space to write out your thoughts. x