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Full Moon in Taurus - Trusting your own anchor

The Full Moon in Taurus will be exact on Saturday 4th November at 05:22am (GMT) (UK), 04:22pm (Sydney, Australia), 1:22am (NY) Friday 3rd November at 10:22pm (LA)

Scotland 35mm

Scotland 35mm

Scorpio season! I always forget how intense it is until it rolls around again...its in my first but mostly second house and as such, it always highlights my financial situation (for better or for worse) and as such, my own self worth and self value, all of which is second house territory.

This is quite relevant to this Taurus full moon as she is the natural ruler of the second house. As the Earth version of Venus, Taurus seeks material pleasure and ownership, she wants to feel secure in the primal sense of having shelter and money and her strategy is to maintain and secure her belongings/worth and to indeed grow them. In this sense we can say that her sense of security is expressed materially. This is a Yin Earth sign and is also fixed energy; this is the bull that will lock horns rather than concede. A fixed Earth sign makes me immediately think of someone who is stubborn, possessive and insecure while the high version of this is someone who is able to be very practical on the Earth plane; a maker who enjoys her possessions but is not defined by them.

Being linked with the second house, our values and feelings of self worth are attached to what we draw in to us in a material sense; finance, jobs, lovers. If we are not valuing the self then we will draw in situations and people and meaningless work that highlights our feelings of low self worth. If we feel anchored and strong and self loving in this area, we will magnetise to us opportunities and people that match this vibration.

As we have previously discussed, Taurus sits at a 180 degree opposition to Scorpio across the zodiac and this opposition is referred to as the bridge of security. Scorpio is very much an opposite...it is about surrender, ego deaths and facing our fears so that we can be reborn stronger and more aware of our own depths. Taurus secures itself materially while Scorpio pushes us out of our boundaries, its easy to see how Taurus energy may feel threatened in this dynamic.

As Scorpio pushes us to go deep in to the merge with another person as lovers or business partners, we need to be vulnerable and place trust in another. Scorpio is about intimacy and if a person does not value themselves and feel secure in who they are (Taurus) its going to be very difficult for them to lay bare for another. 

If one feels insecure (Taurus) then they will try to control (Scorpio) their environment and those they love. If they feel the void (Scorpio) but are not prepared to fearlessly and curiously explore it, then that void will be filled materially (Taurus) through Venusian pleasures of over-eating or controlling our eating in a disordered way (Taurus) or over-shopping (Taurus).

So how may we feel this full moon? With the Sun in Scorpio beaming a spotlight on to our more hidden, shadow aspects of Taurus (specific to where it falls in your own natal chart), our sense of security is being highlighted. Do you intrinsically know that you have your own back? Do you trust that you can sink in to the depths of your self and come up, alive and renewed? Do you already have your own empirical evidence of this? Or do you try to control your environment, not daring to give over the reins to another person or to your own heavy feelings?

Financially speaking (Taurus/2nd House), are your finances in order? Are you playing small out of fear of letting go of work that may not serve you but provides you with a level of security? Are you going for your dreams or just passively dreaming them? These are not particularly fun questions to sit with but they are definitely coming up and should be honestly assessed.

People who are fearless in their own lives and with themselves often feel that we are in a benefic universe. Not only do they trust themselves, they have trust in their own intuitive guidance and trust in something beyond that. If we fear the higher machinations of our universe, we will never be able to let go for that would feel like an absolute threat to our security.

If you are curious and want to learn where Taurus and Scorpio sit in your own natal chart, head over here to book a session and learn more about the cosmic map you came to Earth with.