The forces at play

Full Moon in Leo - The collective needs You

Full moon in Leo, January 31st 2018, exact at 13:26 GMT

The canvas is clean and ready for your efforts. Puglia via Pinterest.

The canvas is clean and ready for your efforts. Puglia via Pinterest.

She is full, she is blood, she is blue and she is super. The Moon is making her presence felt early and big in this new year.

With our Sun in Aquarius, representing the collective + our visionary idealism, we look straight across at our opposite on this axis, Leo. Here is the Moon, shining in all of her reflective glow. Giving no light of her own and representing our own responsive/reflective emotional development, she is set up like a projector tonight - illuminated under the spotlight.

Leo represents our creative selves, its where we seek fun and its where we seek to shine and to have our roar heard. With this collective + visionary Sun projecting on to our creations, we are asked to see how our contribution as an individual creative being assists in the future of our collective.

As the Earth moves between the Sun + Moon and turns the Moon red, it symbolically underlines that Earth is in need of her visionaries, of her creative inhabitants (all of us) to step up to the plate, to be vulnerable in the spotlight and to contribute (however that manifests for you) not only for your own fun and enjoyment but for the collective and our future.