The forces at play

Jupiter enters Scorpio and the shadow is exposed.

Jupiter enters Scorpio October 11 2017 and will move through the sign until November 8th 2018.

The Eagle, Huntington Library, California, 35mm

The Eagle, Huntington Library, California, 35mm

Jupiter, King of the Gods (Zeus in Greek mythology), is seen as the lightning bolt, the eagle and the oak tree. He is royal, he is the brightest and biggest planet in our solar system and he governs the sky. An overseer, he brings judgement, justice and higher meaning to our lives.

Natural ruler of Sagittarius and the 9th House, Jupiter is also religion, philosophy, law and travel; he is set on expanding the mind and as such is often seen as the teacher or guru. This energy is on a quest to find the holy grail, the experiential learner who wants to understand the experience. In this sense, he is knowledge + experience = wisdom. Also seen as luck and abundance due to his size, Jupiter takes a broad stance with an open mind. He is fire, yang and mutable; initiating, brought to life through sparks of insight and adaptable enough to see and explore before he makes his judgements. As with all planets and signs, Jupiter also has his negative expression which is excessiveness and dogma, superiority and blind faith.

It takes twelve years for Jupiter to move through all twelve signs of the Zodiac, spending a year in each and as he moves through each sign, he brings with him a cycle of exploration, learning, expanded perspectives and higher meaning.

So what is Scorpio's terrain and how will Jupiter's journey here affect us? Scorpio; fixed, water, yin, ruled by Pluto and ruler of the 8th house. Scorpio is power, it is the transformer, an adept in the psychological depths, naturally secretive and private. When played well, this energy is incredibly powerful, psychic, healing and transformative. When played through its lower vibrations it is destructive, manipulative, controlling and abuses its power. This is a sign that wants to experience itself through merging with another. It is the metamorphosis that occurs when a person goes through their dark night of the soul and returns changed and fearless because they have faced and embraced their fear. The 8th house is everything taboo and hidden; sex, death, politics, money, the un-said and the un-seen; it is the shadow and shadow work.

Pluto is Jupiter's brother and rules the underworld. As the sky god Jupiter(with his vast perspective) enters his brother's domain, we see the sky view of the underworld. The darkness is brought up in to the light. In this sense, we could view this transit as a period when great work can be undertaken on the shadow aspects of ourselves and the collective.

An aspect of the collective shadow is currently being played out very publicly in the media following the New York Times piece that has seen Harvey Weinstein's abuse of power and manipulation of his position to not only sexually abuse women but to control their silence, come to light. As more and more women open up and tell their stories, a whole industry is now looking at its shadow side.

San Francisco, 35mm

San Francisco, 35mm

While we can expect many more of these scandals and abuse's of power to be drawn up from society's underbelly over the next year, how can we address our own shadow selves? With higher meaning, optimism and a desire for experiential learning hanging out in this terrain, this is the perfect time to address the aspects of self we have deemed too dark or difficult or uncomfortable. Below are some tools and starting points that I have found of interest and feel that you may also find of interest:

Esther Perel's books, TED talks and podcast are a godsend. While I'm unsure of her star sign, this woman is Scorpionic goddess. One of the world's leading couple's therapists, she delves right in to the shadow and she is not afraid to discuss anything taboo. You can get her first three podcast episodes for free on iTunes and I could not recommend them highly enough. There's a lot of learning in them and I personally feel way more interested in understanding my own behaviours in relationship after listening to her and the couples she is talking to.

This article came out today, perfectly timed. I couldn't think of a better time to explore one's own relationship to their sexuality and their expression of it.

Teal Swan has a lot of awesome Youtube's and articles on shadow work, including a lot of cool processes that she teaches, allowing the individual to make contact with and understand their shadow.

My Dad bought me this book when I was 13/14...possibly says a lot about me at the time ha! but it was invaluable and seems like a perfect read for this period.

This is a powerful time in which we can bring light to the underbelly of our collective and there is no more powerful way of doing that than bringing light to our own shadow aspects. If you wish to learn more about where this transit is playing out in relation to your own chart (it could be in your work life, social life, relationships or creative realm for example), head over here and book a reading. I'm currently offering 15% off for all new subscribers. x

Figaro, Los Feliz, 35mm

Figaro, Los Feliz, 35mm