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New Moon in Libra - Strengthen the force of your own value and stabilise the scales of power


The beautiful whirling dervishes…able to reach states of ecstasy through holding their centre

The beautiful whirling dervishes…able to reach states of ecstasy through holding their centre

The last two weeks since the Aries Full Moon have been hardcore. Today I heard the fifth example of a similar archetype playing out in personal relationships during this period and the analyst in me was intrigued:

two people coming together with the force of a hurricane, unexpected – very raw and strong sexual energy, extra strong (Mars conj Lilith) – power games of control/domination (Venus retro in Scorpio) – then both reeling with shot nervous systems, wiped of energy and thrown out of their own centre and value system (Libra), left with a sense that the whole thing was a lucid dream.

What’s interesting to me is that these are all strong people, yet have all experienced a collective flavour of being swept up in to the slipstream of another in a strong way. While you may not have experienced this yourself, we can see it playing out with the recent Supreme Court placement – sex, power, control, and domination (Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio) in the realm of justice (Libra) with the outcome really throwing (particularly) feminine energy off centre and left questioning.

Libran energy represents the scales of balance and harmony between two people, it is also our initial understanding of the other, of the mirror that comes through partnership. When we are a singular entity its relatively easy to self soothe and tap in to our equanimity…but when another force enters and one becomes the scales…our values, our sense of worth and the seat of our own power can be knocked about, whether that is in love or any form of partnership with another; friendship, work etc.

With Venus retrograde in Scorpio and Lilith conjunct Mars, a large part of the cosmic weather is tapped in to power dynamics and sexual power and in this New Moon we aren’t just looking at how to harmonise the self and bring equanimity within but we are looking at how and where and why we may feel the need to give away our own power in relation to others.  

Today is a day to really feel in to your own force, to think about your values and sense of worth…what are you willing to relegate in compromise and what is non-negotiable? The more you can strengthen the force of your own value and connect in to your own power source, the more you will be able to stabilise the scales of power and find harmony with another without losing your identity. Attraction is created from polarity, not one merging in to the force of another.

If you hear the call, spend some time today sitting with yourself and imagine your whole sacral area fill up with golden light – feel the indestructible weight of your own spirit; of your integrity and beauty and individuality, pull back any power you may have given over in the last two weeks that has made you feel less than…feel it magnetise back to you. Hold the vision of your golden womb/sacral and then slowly spread it out to the rest of your body; sit in the glow of you and feel yourself strengthen as a sovereign entity.

New MoonJules Ferrari