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Mercury in retrograde December 2017 - Your perspective is a house and you build it every day.

Mercury is retrograding through Sagittarius from December 3 to 22, 2017.

Super Adobe in California via Pintrest

Super Adobe in California via Pintrest

As Mercury works its way in retrograde through Sagittarius, we have had a chance to review our beliefs, teachers and perhaps our blind faith or dogma, our blind spots. It very much feels like a time to really weigh up how you think about the big picture things (Sagittarius looks for and assigns meaning to existence through philosophy, religion, spiritual groups, law etc) and to clearly see the deeper reasons and predispositions for the interests and beliefs that you have and to also get some clarity on the people who have possibly lead you or taught you or influenced you in your thinking.

As someone with a 9th House Sun (Sag is the natural ruler of the 9th house), i NEED meaning, existence innately feels to me like a grand mystery that I am here to experience, question and ultimately, understand. Along the way, I have sought out teachers and found myself to be heavily influenced by them (for better and certainly for worse). Whoever and whatever we allow into our consciousness affects our consciousness.

We apply significance and meaning to our lives through a framework of our own creation. This Mercury retrograde gives us the mental space to step back and assess why we apply the meaning that we do to certain people and beliefs; is it a desire to belong that drives us into groupmind? Do we desire significance and to feel part of the chosen few who see reality the ''true way''? Who/what is influencing you; what are yours and their motives?

This applies to what people on instagram you are becoming fixated on and influenced by, the people you surround yourself with, the books and magazines and newspapers and podcasts and TV shows and movies that you watch and the music that you listen to. All of this is constantly affecting us and after a while it starts effecting us and our choices and infiltrates our perspectives.

With the New Moon and a new year only a few days/weeks away, we head towards a clean slate, a new foundation. Your perspective is a house and you build it every day. We need to constantly check in with ourselves and assess and re-assess our house and ensure that all of the rooms, people and furniture within it are serving our highest good, particularly as we head towards a new cycle. Taking stock allows for us to clear out what no longer serves and thus make room for all the new that you wish to call in in 2018.