The forces at play


The zodiac represents an archetypal journey of the self and the Moon represents our emotional development. This workshop will take us on a lunar journey through each New and Full Moon in the zodiac, explaining the symbolism of each movement as we go.

This is experiential learning in the sense that we will have the zodiac laid out before us so you can see the physical movement whilst learning about the internal movement. Tickets are limited. I highly recommend you bring a pen and paper/journal as this is a LOT of information! Feel free to send me any questions you may have and I look forward to sharing my understanding of astrology with you.

What this workshop will teach you:

- The astronomy of the New and Full Moon

- An overview of each sign and house in the zodiac

- How the Moon expresses itself in each sign and house of the zodiac

- The archetypal qualities inherent in each New and Full Moon

Saturday 18th August 10.00am - 12pm $42

Upstairs at the beautiful Orchard St elixir bar in Paddington