The forces at play

The role of archetypes within the natal chart

Astrology is a symbolic language based upon time, geography and the geometric interplay between the planets, all of which create our natal charts / unique code / frequency.

Above all, it is a language of archetype and each of us are geared towards playing out our own particular melange of archetypes, this is part of what fashions our perspective. For example, I am a Gemini Sun in the 9th House and have a few planets here. While I take in a lot of information (Gemini), I need to understand a thing through a lived experience, to gain the knowledge that comes from a revelation (the 9th House). Revelations only truly occur when we digest information through an experience, otherwise, the information only ever exists on a cerebral and intellectual plane, whereas knowledge is lived; it’s embodied, it’s our wisdom. 

Within each archetype is a full octave of expression, from high to low. The 9th House / Sagittarius is the Seeker Archetype and within that one can be blinded by their own version of the truth to the point of dogma and judgement (totally been there several times aka fundamentalist Hare Krsna) through to broad mental horizons that come from one’s own experiences which usually results in wide and high understandings and a lack of judgement towards others.

We all have the sign of Sagittarius, the 9th House and Jupiter (the ruler of both) in our charts, all according to our own unique cosmic fingerprint, making the expression of each completely individual to who we are.

Each of us has the whole Zodiac and its correlating archetypal journeys within our chart. Certain houses, signs, planets and quadrants are lit up and emphasised in your chart whereas they most likely are not in the chart of the person next to you. Natural affinities between people often come when there is a strong and correlating house, sign or planetary crossover. For example, I gel pretty well with other Seeker’s. Other Seeker’s may have their Sun, Moon (emotional structure) or Mercury (mental structure/perception) in the 9th House, be a Sagittarian or have the Moon or Mercury in Sag.

Becoming more and more aware of who you are, in my eyes, can only lead to health. When we accept the intricacies of our cosmic make-up, we can come to understand who we are on a deeper level and integrate the depths and the heights of what makes us, us. Being in touch with your own frequency and radiating that out in to the world is a gigantic part of what the individual experience is about, it’s the process of individuation, of self-actualisation.