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New Moon in Leo - Walk in rhythm to your own beat

New Moon in Leo will be exact on Saturday 11th August at 7:57pm (Sydney) 10:57am (UK)

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

Our heart is the first organ to develop as an embryo, it is our life force, pumping us in to existence even before our brain is formed. The heart is our own internal Sun, it is the core of our being, it is the rhythm that accompanies us throughout our Earth journey, often drowned out by our mental chatter and the sounds of our exterior world. Whether you hear it or not, it is always beating, always present, always You.

Leo energy is a celebration of our individuality, it is the part of ourselves that wants to express itself through creation energy. It wants to shine bright and have f u n.

In this New Moon as our life force (Sun) and emotional body (Moon) align, we can tune in deeply to our own beat.

The solar eclipse helps to point us to the parts of our life where we may have dimmed our own solar light. Look to where Leo lives in your own natal chart and look to the sign and any planets residing in your fifth house - these are the parts of you that need to feel the Lion's courage - they want to roar.

A beautiful grounding practice for this New Moon or to connect with your own Leo energy:

Place a hand on your heart and a hand on your belly and soak yourself in the pulsation of your own life force.

Repeat this anytime you feel detached from You.