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New Moon in Libra - Embodying the Feminine Principal

The New Moon will be conjunct the Sun on Thursday 19th October at 19:11 (GMT), 20:11 (UK), 12PM (LA), 15:00 (NY), Friday 20th October at 06:11am (SYD).

The Ganges, 2013/14, 35mm

The Ganges, 2013/14, 35mm

Each New Moon presents a new cycle and a new orientation for our intuitive/instinctual Self to soak in. If the New Moon in Libra were a  bath it would be one involving many candles, oils, flowers and essential oils. Libra, the air version of Venus, trades in high-art/philosophy...it feeds on beauty. When it meets the Moon this desire for beauty and harmony turns to one's own nest.

Libra is a love of peace, its equilibrium and the feminine principal. Embodied, it is a man/woman who is calm, serene and graceful. If played through its lower expression, it is vain, superficial, fake - its selfie culture. Through describing these two types of people, I think its easy to see that they are polarities along the same line. One flits around the doorway to beauty while the other has walked through the door and is anchored in the energy. One is fuelling its source of Venusian energy through externals while the other fuels their source internally.

What a lot of us forget (myself absolutely included) is that the feminine principal is about receiving. In a Libran sense, its interested in fairness so it asks for a balance in the give and take. However, for a lot of us, we are used to satisfying the masculine and feminine within ourselves and the idea of sitting in a state of receiving (with others) can be very vulnerable and almost unnatural.

Now, think of the woman you know or have seen who most embodies Venus. I guarantee that her energy and magnetism is very clear to those she meets but it is also very self-contained. This is a woman whose internal fire is well and truly alight and she has the ability to magnestise and draw in the things she desires. She is not in the masculine mode of externally chasing. She is a woman who receives a compliment when given, she doesn't bounce it back or thwart it, she receives.

A lot of us want and want and want and yet, we haven't made the space to receive. We live externally or in a more superficial expression of Venus' attributes. This is a very beautiful and feminine New Moon and if I was to suggest to you to practise one thing for this time period, it would be to celebrate and value the feminine within you, whether you are in a male or female body. Adorn your self, adorn your home (Moon), spend the night by candlelight only, take a long bath, surround yourself with calming aesthetics. Visualise your favourite woman and tune in to what the qualities are that you love about her and embrace these in your Self.

Interestingly, when looking at the chart for this New Moon, Uranus is exactly opposite the Sun and Moon in Aries. We discussed this opposition and how it relates to the Self and then the Self in relationship to others in this Full Moon report. Now we have the bastion of independence, rebellion and freedom (Uranus) in direct opposition to the fair and co-operative behaviour of Libra. As discussed in the last Full Moon, a lot was coming through around ensuring that who you are as an individual and who you are in relationship are both in tune and true to your Self.

New Moon in Libra

New Moon in Libra

Now, Uranus pops up and the way that I can best explain it is that, if this was an issue with you that came up in the Full Moon, this energy could greatly help you.  It asks for emotional independence and a need for space and freedom. If you feel you are not being true to yourself in relationship (this could be a lover or a close friendship), it will play out as rebellious desires to seek freedom. However, if you are in a partnership, this could be a very healthy conversation in which both parties reach an agreement to even sleep in separate beds a few nights a week or have separate bed rooms, the Moon's influence here really brings this in to the actual home life. However it manifests, we are being reminded to stay true to who we are and to not jeaporsdise that for a relationship that may be thwarting our essence. Of course, we could also be projecting that feeling on to the other person when it may simply be our own patterns of behaviour in partnership and we haven't yet learnt how to be Self and Us in a healthy way.

Libra in its highest form is open and free and it is being in a partnership where you understand yourself and the other. This New Moon is a subjective time that asks of us to seek out the feminine within and embrace it and it also ensures once more that we are not smothering ourselves or another in partnership but retaining our own emotional independence and health. 

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