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New Moon in Sagittarius + Winter Solstice - Walk with wide-screen vision into the new cycle

New Moon in Sagittarius will be direct on Monday 18th December at 06:30am (GMT + UK), 17:30 Sydney, Australia, 01:30 NY and at 20.30 on Sunday 17th December in LA

The excellent Carolina Spencer from @matagalanplantae vie Pinterest.

The excellent Carolina Spencer from @matagalanplantae vie Pinterest.

This is such a potent time of the year, potentialities begin to swirl in our head - what do we want to do + see and surround ourselves with? Where are we headed? Possibilities for what our reality can be and entail perfectly match the scope of our own vision, our self worth and what we believe can be.

Sagittarius is big picture thinking; as the archer pulls back her bow she aims for beyond the horizon, she isn't shooting a target ten metres away, she is aiming for new landscapes entirely. How big is your horizon? How wide (or not) are the parameters within which you frame your reality?

During this small yet strong Mercury Retrograde, our mind has had a chance to review and reflect on the year coming to a close. Now as we head into the New Moon and the magic of Solstice three days later, we enter into the void. The New Moon is the void; as the Moon wanes and dissipates, we head into the darkness where nothing and everything exists, simultaneously. It is a state of calm, a blank page and a new and clean slate.  With the darkest night to follow (Northern Hemisphere) the power of the void is doubly felt. This is a time of reflection, a time to enter into ourselves. 

Because this New Moon is in Sagittarius, the void space we enter is related to our own horizons and being on the cusp of the Solstice, it relates as well to the new cycle we are entering into. In the void nothing is certain but future pathways can be felt. This is a highly magnetic time and it would be wise to focus one's energies on expanding their parameters of possibility. 

Happy New Moon + Solstice xox

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