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New Moon in Virgo - Perfectionism is Pain

New Moon in Virgo is exact on Wednesday 20th September 05:29am (GMT), 06:29am (UK), 03:29pm (SYD), Tuesday 19th September 10.29pm (LA)

An altar on top of my writing desk in an old home.

An altar on top of my writing desk in an old home.

This is the first sign this year where we have experienced it firstly as the sun component in the recent Pisces full moon and then as it wanes back in to its new moon form, it is backwards from how we have felt every other sign this year. Its as though the energy of Virgo has crept up on us somehow and now, right at the end of its month long expression, its full force is here only days before we head in to Libran territory.  

My own moon is Virgo in the 12th House so I always feel this one far more personally as it is my natural Moon territory. As we already explored in this post, Virgo is both a foe and/or friend, depending on how we are utilising its energies. For me, the last few days have been a lot of internal stewing over my perfectionism and the life I feel I should be living compared to the life I am living. We all know how ugly and unproductive should feelings are. The self critique is getting right in there and showing me all the minute details of how and why I seemingly hold myself back. As someone who is naturally very, very self-exploratory, this is not a fun way of going about it, this is more an expose on being mean to oneself; its the opposite of growth. I feel quite confident in assuming that all of us have experienced this at some point. The more one holds themselves under the remarkably high standards of perfectionism and then berates themselves for not being there, the more one feels stuck and their perception of life turns half-glass empty. 

I'm sharing my own experience precisely because it is Virgo energy in its lower form. If the highly analytical, body-aware energy of this sign is not being used in service to something then it ultimately turns inwards and the ugliness begins. As Virgo is the Earth version of Mercury, you can see how trapped the fast moving brilliance of Mercury must feel when its in a patch of Earth that is blocked up...it has nowhere to move and so it internalises, all that brilliant analysis and emotional intelligence starts to tear one's self to shreds (a Virgo moon, like a Gemini moon can be a great combination for a high emotional intelligence). A Virgo Moon nightmare version is analysis paralysis.

So how does one transmute this energy in to its higher expression? Being Earth energy, this needs to be used physically. If it were an air version it could be satisfied intellectually, but Earth energy needs to be used in the world. This is why Virgo, as the natural ruler of the sixth house, has a lot to do with our work, our service. Again, if one is not utilising this energy through service or work that brings meaning then the bleak self-analysis will crop up.

This New Moon period is a chance for us to analyse (Virgo) if the work/service (Virgo) we are undertaking is fulfilling us, if it is bringing meaning in to our lives and thus bringing us emotional (Moon) satisfaction. We can also utilise this energy to organise (Virgo) ourselves and work out exactly how we can turn our desires in to realities. We are a few days from the Autumn/Spring Equinox where night and day, light and dark will be balanced and these symbiotic yet opposing forces will be equals. As we turn this corner in to a new season, one would benefit from using this New Moon to write out the desired experiences/things/behaviours one wishes to bring to life and cast these intentions out.

The reality channel you are plugged in to is of your own design and can be re-programmed at any step. If you wish to gain more understanding of the astrological configurations/preferences you landed here with and wish to understand what archetypal journeys are coming your way, head here.