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First Impressions - Jack Kerouac

A look in to the balance and imbalance of this beautiful writer.

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Full Moon (Supermoon) in Gemini - Do your emotional responses become your facts?

This very cerebral Full Moon asks us to look at our beliefs and values and to see if they align with our daily actions. With the onset of Mercury turning retrograde today, there is a real need to ground our racing minds. 

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Full Moon in Taurus - Trusting your own anchor

Taurus seeks material security while Scorpio aims to push us beyond our boundaries. How do we navigate this opposition during the full moon and where are be being asked to look in to our selves?

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Full Moon in Aries - Do your selves align?

This Full Moon looks at the ways that we harmonise (or don't) our relationship between our individual self and our social self.

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