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Full Moon in Pisces - Being held in the amniotic fluid of the cosmic womb

The more you are here, the further out you can go.

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Full Moon in Aquarius - Who am I in the Collective?

Who am I in the collective and how do I allow the collective to influence who I am?

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First Impressions - Marina Abramovic

Marina, the interstellar queen of my dreams. Here I look at the very strong 5th house energy of Marina’s chart with its fusion of Sagittarian and Scorpion energy.

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First Impressions - Georgia O'Keeffe

A new series in which we unpack the natal and synastry charts of some of the great individuals and couples in modern history. First up, the triple Scorpio Georgia O’Keeffe.

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Uranus enters Taurus and the material plane is struck by the lightning of change.

Wherever the sign of Taurus falls in your natal chart, wherever it is that you try to secure yourself on the material plane, is about to feel the lightning force of the Great Awakener, Uranus.

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New Moon in Sagittarius + Winter Solstice - Walk with wide-screen vision into the new cycle

As we enter into the void space, magic is felt as possibilities and timelines begin to enter our field. This is a time of clearing and making space for the New to be born. 

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Full Moon (Supermoon) in Gemini - Do your emotional responses become your facts?

This very cerebral Full Moon asks us to look at our beliefs and values and to see if they align with our daily actions. With the onset of Mercury turning retrograde today, there is a real need to ground our racing minds. 

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Full Moon in Taurus - Trusting your own anchor

Taurus seeks material security while Scorpio aims to push us beyond our boundaries. How do we navigate this opposition during the full moon and where are be being asked to look in to our selves?

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Jupiter enters Scorpio and the shadow is exposed.

As the sky god enters the domain of the underworld, we are given a powerful ally in digging deep into our own and the collective shadow.

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