The forces at play

Uranus enters Taurus and the material plane is struck by the lightning of change.

I'd have written about this monumental shift of Uranus (the Great Awakener) moving in to Taurus when it happened last Wednesday but I was busy playing out the transit in real life. How? I was on a plane, having left all the comfort and security of my home, relationship, country and job, heading into the uncomfortable territory of the unknown, where a person really comes face to face with whether or not they believe that reality/existence is one imbued by a benevolent or malevolent force, or no force at all.

Via the great World of Interiors @theworldofinteriors

Via the great World of Interiors @theworldofinteriors

Taurus is ruled by the Earth version of Venus and is the natural ruler of the second house (in the natal chart - though it falls in any house depending on your time, date and location of birth). This is an energy that works to secure itself in the Earth plane - through shelter, possessions, finance and emotionally through developing self worth and self trust.

Uranian energy couldn't be further from this. Uranus works to liberate individuals and society and usually does this through sudden change and shake-ups. It feels like lightning strikes of newness and disruption with an unmistakable electric feels, its energy is from the future. To get a feel of what this energy is like, I'd say its emblem is the internet and one of its spokespeople would have to be Elon Musk. Unlike all the other planets in our solar system, Uranus rotates at a 98 degree angle - it moves completely differently and hence, its perspective is from an entirely alien angle.

I gave a talk in February about the main astrological movements of 2018 and when discussing this one, the obvious prediction was the liberation of money/economies - becoming de-centralised through the proliferation of bitcoin currencies. AI seems like another clear by-product.

On an individual level though, expect to be tested around the ways that you secure yourself, both materially and emotionally. Depending on where Taurus (and natal Uranus) falls in your chart will determine the area of life that this transit plays out for you - is it your physical shelter/home, your job, your relationships, your creativity? Uranus is scanning this terrain in your chart and ensuring that you are remaining true to yourself.

Uranus brings sudden changes. Existence itself is a succession of constant changes. Yet we live in a society that encourages us to secure tightly to a reality that allows us to believe we can control our lives and limit any variables. And as most of us know, that's A-grade BS.

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