Astrology Readings

Astrology delves in to our own particular orientation to existence, it speaks to us of our higher nature, our golden nature. It is a symbolic language that talks in archetypes and asks us to grow and evolve during our time here on Earth; it reminds us of our innate self. It is not a belief system, rather, it is a tool and one that can be applied strategically and intelligently to great effect in our lives.

Curiously, the time and location of your birth is very revealing, producing a map of the planets in the solar system relative to the time and geographical location of your arrival. It is your own cosmic fingerprint. This symbolic map can be interpreted and give you another perspective on why you are who you are and what it is you sought to experience by being born here. These maps have been interpreted and utilised to gain greater self-knowledge for over five thousand years. In this sense, a reading is a launch pad into a whole new understanding of the Self.

New perspectives widen our horizons. The journey to know one’s Self begins when we take off the particular lens we perceive our reality through, hold it at arms length, look around with fresh eyes and then consciously create, explore and extend the possibilities of what is and what can be in our lives.

In my readings, I work to re-align and re-affirm a person with their own nature. I do not feel that your future is some immovable force that is set in stone, I believe firmly in our gifts of free will and self-determination and feel that we can change course at any point in life. In my readings I explain the energetic patterns within your chart, what your chart wants of you and what planetary alignments and learning's are coming your way.




Here you are, in the form of a map - everything that makes you you is laid out here. We discuss your overall chart in detail, paying close attention to energetic patterns that highlight certain areas of your life force's desired direction. The chart shows us the potential. Through conversation during our reading we are able to contextualise how you are best using (or not) these innate energies and how best to unlock aspects of self that feel stagnant. The aim is to re-align you with your self, the self you came here to explore and develop. We then look at the forthcoming six months of your own major astrological transits and how best to utilise these energies as they are very much working to illuminate and evolve particular aspects of your life. Written reports are available for children under 15.  50mins (AUD)$120                               



This session is great as a follow up to your natal chart reading or as a stand alone session to check in with what the planets are working to unlock in you. We look at the next six months as well as your Sun and Moon progressions. We can also highlight particularly beneficial and auspicious dates if you are planning an important event. This is a way to gain clarity on what is happening now in your life and why it might be happening (in relation to your natal chart). 30 mins (AUD)$70



Having previously read both you and your partner's (best friend/child/boss) natal charts, we can look at how you play both student and teacher to each other. We can look at areas that may cause friction and how best to work with this energy. We also look at your composite chart; this is a chart unique to your combined energy, the relationship itself. The composite has its own energetic signatures and reveals what the relationship wants from you both. 1hr - 1hr 30mins (AUD)$220

What happens next? By clicking 'Yes Please' you will be taken to my calendar to schedule an appointment with me. If the times available do not suit you, contact me and we can set something up. Payments are then made via PayPal (if you don't have PayPal you can pay by credit card through PayPal) and you will be asked to fill in a form with your birth details. From this, I am able to read your chart. I will send you a copy of your chart and on the scheduled appointment, will contact you via Skype or FaceTime for your reading. Please note that all sales are final.

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